The Reputation of Hayward Field

A Tradition Unmatched

	Black and white photo of University of Oregon distance runner Ken Martin waving to a standing Hayward Field crowd after a race in the early 1980s. It’s not just a place to train; it’s not just a place to compete; it’s not just a place to watch track and field-it’s Hayward Field.

The legendary venue has been the site of numerous world records and countless stellar performances. From Henry Rono’s dual with Alberto Salazar to Alan Webb’s two-mile American Record performance, Hayward Field has seen it all.

	Black and white photo of runners at the water jump during the 3000 meter steeplechase at the 1971 AAU Championships held June 25-26 at Hayward Field. Mike Manley won, representing the Oregon Track Club. Identifiable are Steve Savage (2nd from left) and Barry Brown (4th from left).Hayward Field not only draws admiration from athletes, but also garners respect from spectators. Fans flock from around the globe to experience the spirit of the venue. When sell-out crowds cheer the athletes onto victory, Hayward Field truly comes to life.

More modern, high-tech stadiums continue to break onto the track and field scene, but nothing can match the character of Oregon’s prized venue. Hayward Field holds on strong to its tradition and its reputation for excellence.

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